Transfer account from namecheap

I want to move my domain from namecheap to cloadflare, my domain in grace period, I have authentication (EPP) code, I want to transfer it here , I paid 10.18$ and I fill the form, the payment did accepted as money and I check my bank account it does take the money, but I cant find it in billing and domain haven’t transferred, I got error but nothing mention in error, second time I tried I Got error as I don’t have enough money in my account which is true error this time
my issue is I already paid , I added the authentication code but still couldn’t transfer domain, I open the ticket no response

You will not be able to transfer an expired domain to Cloudflare, as the domain needs to be active in your account prior to the transfer. The documentation for domain transfers clearly states that your domain should have more than 15 days until expiration.

If the money was actually deducted from your bank account, you will need to create a billing support ticket to get that solved.

Could you share the domain with us?


@Laudian I did create ticket, my domain is

It looks like the domain was renewed at Namecheap yesterday. Are sure that isn’t thr transaction you see on your bank account?

@Laudian yes because I am using new bank for payment and my debt card is not registered at name cheap


Then you will just need to wait until the billing team gets back to you.