Transfer a domain name from a service provider to Cloudflare


I am working for a client that would like to subscribe to a DynDns service with Cloudflare.
Thing is, they used to work with another service provider that currently possess the domain name. How does this work in this case?
Do I need to ask them for a token so that Cloudflare is then able to use this domain?


Are you asking how to Change your authoritative nameservers to use Cloudflare for your DNS or are you asking how to use Cloudflare as your registrar?

They are two different things, and you don’t have to do the latter in order to use the former. If you transfer your domain registration to Cloudflare, per section 6.1 in the Domain Registration Agreement, you are required to use Cloudflare for your authoritative nameservers.

@bureautique, hi there I work with Clients doing this sort of thing to buddy.

The way that works is, legally beings you’re not the primary registeree you’re legally not allowed to do it. However, you can instruct your client how to do so.

What your client has to do is very simple, follow these steps in order.

  1. The Client Logins In To the Hosting Portal
  2. The Client “Live Chat” or Calls The Support Team
  3. The Client Requests a “Transfer Key”;
  4. The Client Takes Affirmative Note of the “Transfer Key”
  5. The Client (or your company) Registers the Domain with Cloudflare via “Domain Transfer”.

Once at the Cloudflare Dashboard, follow the On-Screen instructions for setting up your domain name; after you have done so you must Contact Cloudflare if you don’t have an option to provide the “Transfer Key”. From there the Domain will begin a “Migration” period which will re-propagate your DNS if they shall have changed.

Hope this helped!
I hated being lost with this.

Also, I’d recommend enabling HTTPS with Flexible just as a safety precaution.

Flexible creates an undesirable insecure connection between Cloudflare and the origin server and should be avoided in every situation possible. Full (strict) is always the right choice and requires negligible effort in proper hosting environments.

Full explanation of Cloudflare Encryption modes

You have your own opinion.

While HTTPS is secure, HTTP isn’t. This isn’t really a matter of opinion. ¯\(ツ)


@jwds1978, exactly.

I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying. But, let’s not derail this thread though.


Hello everybody and thank you very much for your answers.

I think neonic gave e a bunch of useful information. : I was asking how does transferring a public domain name from a service provider to Cloudflare should normally work. I work for a public entity so we need to migrate a public domain name (government domain name) to Cloudflare. neonic’s answer is probably the most accurate with the “Transfer Key” thing.



@bureautique, I am afraid I’d have to disagree. neonic’s response is quite off, in particular the SSL part. provided the right information here and pointed out that there are actually two parts and a transfer is possible but by no means necessary and actually comes with certain technical requirements.

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