Transfer a Domain from GlobeHosting

It’s been a while since I gave up trying to transfer the domain “” from GlobeHosting to CloudFlare. Somehow everything shows up on CloudFlare as if the transfer was successful, but it’s stalled someway in between. The domain is unlocked and the nameservers changes on the old registrar. Yet the transfer won’t finish. What can I do?

The domain will expire in about a month, should I let it expire and then get it on CloudFlare?

Don’t let it expire. Those are hard to get back.

This is two different things:

  1. Domain registration. Cloudflare Registrar is not .me compatible yet. You need to keep registration your current registrar, so lock it back up and renew.
  2. Your domain is served through Cloudflare, so it looks like you’re all set at this end.

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