Transfer a custom email to cloudflare

I need help. I moved my domain from to through Cloudflare. My website is working great, but my custom email did not transfer. I have the previous MX codes through google, but do not understand at all how fix this. The information and videos that I have watched do not make sense to me. I’m not a computer person at all, so I don’t understand the language. This is my business email that I need fixed ASAP.

I need tech support preferably over the phone to talk me through fixing this, but I’m not finding any contact phone numbers to Cloudflare tech support. I’m sure it’s an easy fix too.

If someone can help me, I need very clear, simple English, steps to follow. I need this ASAP.

Please and thank you very much


PLEASE! I seriously need help with this! ASAP!

Thank you,


While I understand this is urgent to you, please remember that this Community is a free support channel that’s mostly used by users on free plans.

If you already have the MX record information, here is a tutorial for adding DNS records:

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