Tranferring ownership of a Cloudflare Pro account to another account

Hi all,

I have a client who wants to take over control of their Cloudflare Pro account so we need to move it from our company account.

Is there a simple way of changing the ownership without having to change nameservers etc?


It is not possible to transfer zones from one account to another. You will have to add the domain in the client’s account, change name servers and recreate all the settings. You may be able to leverage tools like Terraform to automate this process.

In the future, it would be better to have clients create their own Cloudflare account and invite you as Super Administrator. That way you have full access to manage their account while the client retains full control and ownership.


Thanks Albert. That’s what I figured. We’ll do it that way.

For the most part we set up each client with their own accounts, but this is an old one that we need to move.

Thanks for the advice.

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