Tranfer to CloudFlare issues

I am on free plan with Cloudflare and need some help please.
seems I am stuck in transfer to Cloudflare with my domain.

I have followed the steps but nohting seems to happen.

what can I do?

Are you transferring the domain to Cloudflare registrar, or just adding the domain to your Cloudflare account?

What is the domain?

Looks like it’s at the very bottom of the DNS test results.

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(Looked and just didn’t make it to the very bottom!)

Looks like no SOA (as in your screenshot).

Check that the nameservers you have set are the correct ones for the domain you are adding, they may not be that same as for other domains in your Cloudflare account.

If they are correct, you can try deleting the domain from Cloudlfare and adding it back in again. Note that the nameservers will be changed for 2 new ones so you’ll need to update at your registrar again.

(I guess this is just a hiccup in the process that sets up DNS when adding the account, I can’t find anywhere where someone has said “do this” under this situation, although a couple of people who deleted and re-added have said that worked).

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I am transferring from Hover to Cloudflare.
The domain is a .org domain and the name is deepermindfuless

thank you

thank you.
in Hover I have set the name servers

Your domain was registered on 2023-11-28. So it’s currently under the 60-day registration lock, and thus not eligible for transfer.

See Hover’s support article on this:

And Cloudflare’s support article on this:


Hi GeorgeAppiah
thank you.
I did not know.

ok, I will remain for 60 days with Hover and then initiate the transfer again.

all the best.
Per Norrgren

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