Trailing dot in domain name for Cloudflare + S3 static website

Hi, I’ve followed the instruction in to set up the DNS configuration to point www CNAME to my bucket (like, but when I type the website domain name + a trailing dot (e.g.,, it returns a NoSuchBucket error from S3. Since I can’t create a bucket whose name ends with a trailing bucket, I don’t know how to prevent this from happening.

Could someone help me understand why this is happening, and what I can do to fix it?

There is no trailing dot. Remove it.

Sorry, perhaps my question wasn’t as clear. I want to know how I can prevent users from entering (which is a valid FQDN) on their browser and seeing BucketNotFound error. I don’t quite understand why Cloudflare is routing the request to bucket instead of as configured as the CNAME entry for www. (users should still be routed to the static content stored in bucket). This is a form of information leakage (leaks the details about the hosting provider) and thus a security issue that website owners may want to prevent.

Hello there,

I couldn’t figure out that in the article you mentioned. Instead, it could be this way: "Resource": "*" Are you mistaken?
Since its connected to custom domain, did you follow this guide as well?