Traffic to website not going through the CF

I think everything is setup correctly but my traffic is not going through Cloudflare, mostly I have 0 unique visitors and sometimes, for example in the last 30 days, there is some traffic but it is way less than GA or internal analytics and even number of orders… I can’t find where the problem is. This is not a mismatch traffic problem but there is several days in a row where traffic is zero on Cloudflare but I am 100% that there was traffic on the website (we have orders on those days at least).

Are the DNS records that point to your webhost proxied? If set to “DNS only” then traffic is going directly to your host/server.

Some hosts may require you to use “DNS only” for SSL certificate generation or validating that the DNS records are pointing to them, so “Proxied” sometimes doesn’t work.

Otherwise, what is the domain?

Thank you for quick response.
A record and www cname are proxied.

The domain is

How can I check if the host is using DNS only? I am working with the BigCommerce for this webshop.

Your records are proxied…

…which normally requires an Enterprise plan when the connection is to a host that also uses Cloudflare, but this seems to say you can use O2O (proxy your records to Big Commerce) on any plan so you should be ok…

In that case requests should be passing through your Cloudflare account before going to Big Commerce.

Someone else may know more about what works under O2O and what doesn’t.

Ok, thank you very much, I will check with the BigCommerce support maybe they can help.


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