Traffic spike from unknown/bad browser every 6 hours?

So one of my sites had a brief outage this morning, so I started looking at logs, and I’m seeing a spike in visits every 6 hours of ~2k visits to the parent domain that do not correlate to bandwidth/data-transfer, or to visits that show up in GA as actual visitor metrics. There are several sites under the parent domain, so I’m unsure which site is actually getting the traffic, as there are no paths reported to match the numbers.

Any ideas?

May I ask are there any clues for a user-agent like Facebook externalhit or similar like Google-Mediapartners maybe?

Or an empty user-agent and could be related to recent log4j?

What was the CPU/Network usage at that time?

Anything shown as “blocked” in Firewall Events at the Cloudflare dashboard → Firewall at that time?

Actually, I think we’ve found it… our search engine is not on the same host, and doesn’t identify itself when it runs. But the schedule matches, so I think that’s it…

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