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Hello, Im Marcus and Im starting a blog. Its been a month and Im getting around 50 visitors a day. I was happy until today when I saw that the majority of my traffic is comming from US (direct), I live in Brazil and I belive that my whole traffic is being made by bots.
Im not sure what to do right now, I dont know if they are good bots or bad bots. Im not sure if they are really bots or what should I do. Once I posted my website link on a youtube comment looking for guidance, I thought it could be it that was driving traffic to my website, but it wasnt and US channel, so I don`t know what this is. I just deleted the comment and will probably wait till tomorow if this will affect my analytics.



It’s quite possible it’s search engines. I find that most bad bots come from outside the US.

What is telling you that most of the traffic is from the US?


Hi! It’s all based on Google analytics app.

When I check the network it shows amazonnaws.


Updating the stats. 65 visitors 42 from the US. :sob:
Any help?


Traffic sources really isn’t a Cloudflare issue. Other than getting traffic from a country you don’t need visitors from, is something broken?

If you really don’t want foreign traffic, you can block it with Firewall Rules:
Something like: For http host “” and “Not a known bot” and “Not Brazil” then block.


I just wanted to know if it was a bot. I came here because cloudflare blocks bots. Since I don’t know much I thought I could have some help in here…
If it’s not bad bots thanks a lot…


Cloudflare can block malicious bots and known bots. It doesn’t do much against low-level crawler bots unless you custom configure some settings you’d need to figure out for your particular situation.


you need to get your server logs to examine their behavior and user agent, if its a good bots you will know immediately.


You can add this firewall rule to block the most common bots (this saves me from about 9 bot requests a minute.

Or you could check your server logs and look for the ip making the request. You cant get this information from Analytics unfortunatly

(http.user_agent contains “semrush”) or (http.user_agent contains “SemrushBot”) or (http.user_agent contains “AhrefsBot”) or (http.user_agent contains “dotbot”) or (http.user_agent contains “MJ12bot”) or (http.user_agent contains “rogerbot”) or (http.user_agent contains “SMTBot”) or (http.user_agent contains “BLEXBot”)

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