Traffic Served Over SSL request count is low

Hi there,

Looking through my CF analytics, I see that Traffic Served Over SSL is low (29%) for the last 24 hours; it’s normally 80% from memory. I have HSTS configured (status on, max-age 12 months, include subdomains, preload on, no-sniff on) and the domain has been on the Chrome HSTS Preload List for several months. Additionally, Always Use HTTPS, Opportunistic Encryption, and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites are turned on and a pagerule is set up redirecting from :arrow_right: There are no http:// references in the source code or mixed content warnings.

Shouldn’t this mean that 100% is served over TLS?


That makes me think there’s something out there constantly making HTTPS requests to your site, like bots. That percentage looks like it’s only counting requests, and not bandwidth. Clicking the little Help link seems to confirm this.

ahh I didn’t think about the bots… makes sense; they’re unlikely to use TLS!

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