Traffic routed through Cloudflare makes loading website slow

Since yesterday around 5PM GMT+1 all my domains that are routed through Cloudflare have issues loading. When I disable ‘Cloudflare on this website’ my reverse proxy handles all requests immediately. But when enabled, all connections seem to be running on a 56k modem. It’s really slow, or hardly ever loads. I first thought something was wrong with my server but even when using and as my resolver I can not resolve DNS.


It loads all right for me via the proxies.


What does https//REDACTED/cdn-cgi/trace say when you proxy it?

You should also pay attention to the terms of service, as you may be in violation of them with your use and may get your account suspended.

Cloudflare is intended for regular websites with HTML content. You seem to proxy your NAS here, right? That’s technically a violation and may (not necessarily) get your account suspended. Just wanted to let you know.

As for the issue, you do get routed via your local PoP, so I would assume bandwidth should be reasonable in this context. Can you post a similar screenshot to mine, which shows your requests to the proxied host and how long it takes?

Yes, many people do and they are all technically in violation. As I said, it won’t necessarily get your account suspended, but still. Also, don’t trust people on Youtube too much :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to verify the share issue, as I don’t have access, but your second screenshot does show a load time of about 15 seconds. You are saying the same request does not take that long when not proxied?

Can you look at the individual requests and check which one takes that long?

That’s a different hostname. You really need to compare the same requests, when proxied and unproxied.

Your proxied screenshot shows a lot of 522s and they will probably stall the overall page load

Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out has more on that message

Thanks. I’ve had firewall and GeoIP blocks in placebut I put in an override for the Cloudflare ranges.
This doesn’t seem to alleviate things, and after disabling Cloudflare the problem is less frequent but still there. I am not really dependent on cache so I can do without for now.

Can’t entirely rule out theres something going on with my ISP as there are other weird things like Cloudflares DNS resolvers not working either, which still seems strange.

If it’s only for you, I’d keep it unproxied. That way Cloudflare won’t complain about the terms either and you avoid this issue.

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Found the actual culprit. The latest update of the reverse proxy created these problems. I didn’t realise I accidently updated this. If you run nginx proxy manager and update to 2.11.x or higher, you may run into these problems.

@RobertB, if you prefer me to delete the screenshot, please just let me know.

I would prefer that yes, Thank you

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