Traffic Registered in CloudFlare, without any traffic routed to the CloudFlare servers -- why?

Here is the configuration that I have:

  1. Domain registrar has nameservers configured with another service provider
    – Pending to update to Cloudflare once the Cloudflare configuration is tested

  2. Cloudflare Configuration
    – Added the website domain, to the website
    – Added page rules – cache all
    – Note: However, the traffic is still not routed to Cloudflare, because the domain registrar is still not pointing to the Cloudflare nameservers (still using another service)

Strangely, Cloudflare is already registering random traffic from US and UK. Any idea what is causing this?

See screenshot below for traffic registered:

This does not make sense to me because traffic is not routed through Cloudflare servers yet.
And when comparing against the Google Analytics that I have configured on my website, the traffic count in Cloudflare is also inaccurate

Another screenshot to show traffic registered:

See sample details from Google Analytics for reference:

Give :search: a chance, the numbers are not inaccurate, they’re just measuring different things.

Appears Cloudflare is recording analytical data from the site checks it regularly performs after you add a domain. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your traffic is being routed through Cloudflare. Also, it’s important to note that Cloudflare and Google Analytics use different methods for tracking website traffic, which can lead to differing figures. You can confirm whether your traffic is going through Cloudflare by checking your DNS settings and ensuring they are correctly configured to point to Cloudflare. Once you update your nameservers to Cloudflare’s, your website’s traffic should start to route through Cloudflare.

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