Traffic Passing through Cloudflare

Hi Community Members,

I am currently using Cloudflare under free plan. It was excellent till now using Cloudflare. But recently i ran into a big Problem…
It is when i route traffic through Cloudflare (by clicking orange cloud icon) , my mosquitto (mqtt) (1883 port) in web server not sending or receiving data but when i route the traffic not through Cloudflare (unclicking the orange cloud icon) , mqtt working fine.
To get the https working working i need turn on the orange cloud symbol which resulting mqtt not working.
Please someone help me out how can i route traffic through Cloudflare and get mqtt working which will be on port 1883 and might use 8883.

Thanks in Advance

1883 isn’t supported. You need to change the port to one of the following. (HTTP / HTTPS only)

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