Traffic No Longer Showing in Cloudflare Analytics

I have a simple news and information website that gets between 10K and 25K pageviews per day depending on what’s going on in the news that day. This information used to show correctly in the Cloudflare dashboard but doesn’t anymore since I changed hosts and updated DNS in Cloudflare. Cloudflare is now only showing 50 - 60 visitors per day, but Google Analytics is showing the correct numbers of 10k-25- per day.

During the host switch, I updated the DNS in Cloudflare changing the A record to the new server IP. Both the A record pointing to the new IP address and the CNAME for WWW are proxied through Cloudflare (orange cloud in DNS). Nothing was changed at the domain registrar and it still points to the Cloudflare name servers.

It’s a pretty simple website layout since it is news. If it helps, the domain is .