Traffic Load Balance By Request Path

I am going to use Cloudlfare load balancer to send traffic to different servers by request path.
domain/en/* to server 1
domain/fr/* to server 2
domain/de/* to server 3
domain/es/* to server 4

Seem load balancer custom rule can achieve that, but it allows to create one rule only. I cannot make above logic in one rule. Is there any way to raise custom rule limit ?

Besides load balancer, any suggestion are also welcome.
Thank you.


Hello there,

By default, non-Enterprise customers have one Load Balancing rule per load balancer hostname . For more rules, upgrade to Enterprise.

I’d recommend adding DNS entries for,, etc.

That way you have something like a load balancer uses, since you need separate hostnames to route to.

Then set up four workers, one for each route. Each one fetches from those new hostnames. Something like this worker can be adapted for that use case:

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