Traffic limits

We plan to use cloudflare, particularly the cache CDN service, for delivery of static files (js / css) to our customers.
Estimated traffic: 25-30 terabytes per month (i.e. approximately 1 terabyte per day).
At the moment we do not plan to use any specific rules for caching for different resources, we just want to direct all traffic to one of our domains via your CDN, and sometimes to purge the cache for individual files, accessing your service through API.
According to info on cloudflare site everything that interests us at the moment is available as part of a free plan.

But we have doubts about the volume of traffic. Are there any restrictions that we don’t know about? Will that cause some issues in the future?
What if we initially use paid plan?

There should not be any issues with using the free plan, especially since it’s web content what you will be delivering there shouldn’t also be breaches in the TOS. I would say go ahead with the free plan.

I have no interest in you making the upgrade, but consider that the higher the plan the higher the priority of the cache and the availability of POPs. If the income from the service it’s justifiable I would suggest maybe upgrade to an higher plan (not sure if Pro would work, I would guess Free, Business or try Enterprise sales) for the features. If there are no interesting features to you I would not bother initially and check later.

A couple of suggestions, maybe try sending in a ticket and checking internally if the traffic would be fine (it should, but I have no way to be sure) then consider if you need to support browsers not supporting SNI for HTTPS, that would require the business plan (it it’s an extremely low number nowadays, but you might never know).


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