Traffic is 80% down due to outages

Due to recent Cloudflare problems, My website traffic is 80% down from last 2 days, Resulting in a loss of revenue. Please tell me the solution.

Solution to what exactly?

The outage was more than 48 hours ago and any issues you’re having still are likely to be unrelated. Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Service Issues

the traffic is coming to the URL but more than 80% of traffic could not able to reach the webpage. The problem is from the last 2 days.

What makes you think this is related to an outage?

because these anomalies happened after the outage.

Cloudflare outage was like for 40 minutes and fixed
your problem isn’t related to cloudfalre since it’s working fine

then where is the problem. The server was not down for 1 second, I am monitoring it continuously.

are you able to share your website we way be able to figure out

You haven’t given enough detail for anyone to really tell you ‘where is the problem’

What error are they getting? Do you have a screenshot of the page? How do you know it’s down by 80%?

because I am using PPC ads, the total traffic today has to be 12k but I only receive 4.4k from my analytics.

before June 21, everything was fine.

Speculating on “I should be getting this amount of traffic” won’t lead to any resolution.

If you’re having issues with your website then surely people would be getting in contact with you, if it’s as big as 80%?

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how can people contact us? These are not the returning visitors

Stop asking why and how when you don’t provide anything for us to look at and answer.