Traffic in Mumbai served from SIN

I’m on free account. When using Webpagetest for traffic from Mumbai, it was indicating cf-ray:SIN

I never once saw a cf-ray for anywhere in India, even though Cloudflare’s global network map shows 5 or so servers in India.

So I signed up for Argo hoping that would give India users a better experience, but no change - it’s still saying it’s routing through Singapore, and showing a TTFB of 1.5 seconds or so.

Is there a setting I need to change somewhere so that Mumbai users are actually served from the Mumbai server? Or does it mean all the India servers (and others between India and Singapore) are slower than the Singapore servers, hence the traffic is routed through there? That doesn’t make a lot of sense, if so.

Argo improves the connection origin <-> Cloudflare’s POP, but it won’t change the POP the user is connecting to.

Unfortunately the Indian POPs are often only available to paying customers (usually Business and up) for pricing reasons for traffic in those areas. The only way to, maybe, have those enabled would be to upgrade. I put the maybe because the Indian ISPs may route differently regardless, even if the POP is enabled.


Thank you for your response, Matteo. At least I see what’s going on now.

It would be better if Cloudflare’s network map had dots in at least 3 colors - one for the “sure connect” servers no matter what account you’ve got; the second for “most likely connect” for paying customers; and the third for “you may be lucky and the ISP may route through here, even though you pay” servers.

Currently, the map is misleading and not really a true indication of the available servers.

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Unfortunately that would be almost impossible to do (and there would be different versions for all plan levels) since, as network conditions change change, it wouldn’t be accurate.

One example, that I personally see, the MXP datacenter. It’s one that is available (99.9% of the time at least) to most website, but one ISP randomly decides that sometimes a subset of it’s subscribers’ lines need to go somewhere else even though they pass through Milan to reach the other destination. Sometimes even subsequent requests (in the same traceroute!) switch back and forth.

As far as I know Cloudflare tends to let all users use all datacenters, it limits (first to Pro, then Business, then to Enterprise) if:

  1. there is network congestion (higher traffic, DDoS, broken links, etc.)
  2. there are pricing problems that make serving traffic there too expensive (e.g. Australia and India)
  3. there are problems with the datacenter itself (

True, but to an extent, firstly they never explicitly say all servers are available to all, secondly (excluding the China network for regulatory reasons) they technically are under specific conditions.

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True, but there’s a strong implication this the case, especially when it is used in a lot of marketing material.

I wouldn’t mind at all, for example, if the marketing next to the map said something like:

"Our experience has shown the locations marked in orange are available 99.9% of the time to all Cloudflare customers (Pro, Business, Enterprise and Free).

The locations marked in blue (India, Australia and whatever) are generally only available to Pro, Business and Enterprise customers. All users get routed via the closest server, depending on network congestion, pricing issues with ISPs, or technical issues with the datacenter, but this traffic may or may not go through these particular servers."

This is more transparent, and I would argue, would encourage more customers (like me) to upgrade since it would be clearer what I would be getting.

I now understand my Argo subscription is not worth it, since I use “cache everything” page rule, so it doesn’t matter much about improving traffic from my origin server to the Cloudflare server for 90% of my bandwidth.

I can understand and agree, but unfortunately I can’t do anything about it :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t maybe put those things on the marketing page since I don’t know how many people would go to the 200$/month plan just for that, but at least in a support article somewhere…