Traffic -> Health Checks - 403 response code mismatch errors


I have enabled the Health Checks under Traffic in the CloudFlare and it keep on shows the health check analytics as 403 response code mismatch error. cloudflare healthchecks error

But if i check my site from chrome browser network tab i get only 200 and not getting 403 status code as cloudflare health checks analytics mentions? my domain name :

How do i understand this discrepancy on status codes? I assume something wrong going with my origin server which is not caught when I test my site from a browser client? Why i can’t replicate the 403 error on my browser client and caught by Cloudflare?

This is how I configured the health checks and I’m getting expected response code: 200.

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Thank you so much. You are life saver. Now i am getting different error as below TLS uncertificate error. How can i fix it?

How’s your config looks like?

Here is my origin pool config looks like. I have only one origin server and i have enabled it for load balancing and healthchecks. i am not sure, is it worth it?

I have hosted one dedicated server in vultr high frequency server in chicago location via Cloudflare.

Yesterday i got an email from cloudways about failover latency issue for my site and they suggested to opt for loadbalancing feature. So i just opted this feature but still i am wondering how an single server does failover and how can cloudflare can calculate the failover latency time.

If it’s the message in your picture, that looks like Cloudflare, not Cloudways. And you can ignore it. I’m pretty sure it was sent in error.

Yes. You are right. i always get confused my hosting cloudways with cloudflare.

Do you have any thought on my question?

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