Traffic from US is high

We are seeing a high number of visitors from the US. We are not advertising against US so its impossible in that aspect.

We are in the same niche as a company based in US, they are dropshippers and we are worried they are trying to do some DDOS or something against us. But maybe the numbers are to low for that kind of attack.

We see a hughe decline in our ADS and ROAS at the moment (past month). Maybee its because of FB algorithm and iOS 14.5 update.

Or, can it be that Facebook Ads are coming from US servers when redirecting users to our site?

See attached image for last weeks traffic chart. We are running ads against all countries in there except US.

Have a nice day!


What you could do is challenge US requests. Either as JavaScript or CAPTCHA challenge, depending how badly you want to keep the Yankees outside :slight_smile:.

That would be set up at

Thanks Sandro for fast reply! Im worried if the traffic from US is coming from Facebook users clicking on our Ads and the traffic is legit, blocking it will make it even worse for our paid traffic. What do you think about that theory ? :slight_smile:

You can always just run a JavaScript challenge. What is it you want to achieve?

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