Traffic from India to a specific webpage

Hi guys,

I cant work something out – I’m getting a LOT of traffic to a specific page, for example, it would be…

The page isn’t linked to from my index, and I cant really use my analytics to work out if its real traffic or bots.

But the traffic doesn’t seem to flow from that page - and it’s getting about 20% of my traffic.

If it was bots - would Cloudflare have stopped it?

Should I block it - I’m not sure what to do.

What would you do?

You could set up a page rule or use a zone lockdown on the URL to block the traffic to there if it’s not a resource you want accessed (or if it’s not a resource at all), and see how your traffic changes.

Some bots scan websites for using popular frameworks (like wordpress, joomla, etc) then try to exploit common vulnerabilities in those frameworks. Even if you’re not exploitable or the resource they’re trying to access isn’t there, it’s common to see a large portion of traffic come from bots like this.

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