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According to google analytics I’m getting a lot of traffic from this source: .

Also the traffic is hitting this page /h/3667821.html which does not exist on my website? I’ve tried searching for what it is but can’t find anything on it. I suspect this is some kind of bot? Have anyone experienced anything similar? It’s messing with my stats and I would love to hear how people deal with this? Should I just block the traffic from the that source? Or should I just exclude it from my analytics. I figured if the problem increases it would start affecting performance.

Either way, I’m still wondering how “/h/3667821.html” as a pageview is even possible?

Not sure if this is a good forum to ask the question, but thought it might be relevant?


This is likely an ad. Some services use deceitful methods like spamming a website with their URL in the Referrer tag to get people to pay for the service. You should exclude that domain from the analytics if you can, especially since they’re using spam tactics like that to get customers.

Thanks Judge! Will see if I can exclude them right away! Is this harmful to my site/server in anyway? Maybe a dumb question. But this is the first time I’ve experienced this.

Hi everyone,

it is happening for me as well, with and hitting a similar page : /h/3129631.html

I don"t know what it is about. I was wondering if this kind of page have a purpose to lower page rank of others, by rising the bounce rate. I’m maybe a bit paranoiac :wink:

But what is really strange is that traffic source is coming from more than 25 different countries, and all from That’s a bit strange that they use a proxy for this kind of operation. Furthermore, they can"t get any SEO info on a page that doesn"t exist…

Ya, they’re not trying to get SEO info or anything, just exploiting how Google Analytics shows the top referrers, and using their domain hoping that the domain owner will visit their website and purchase their SEO service. Not a very ethical tactic in my opinion, but it must work sometimes.

I’m having the same exact problem. I’m getting this traffic on all my Siteground-hosted websites and I’m not even using Cloudflare. Most of this traffic is from Brazil.

all this fake traffic visitors coming from semalt (dot) com

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