Traffic drops after enabling cloudflare


I have previously trited WP Rocket CDN with minimal success. After enabling CDN I faced multiple issues on my site. The issues were increase in bounce rate, fall in traffic and images not loading properly. I recently wanted to give CDN another go and enabled cloudflare can for the first time and the next day I see a huge drop in traffic. What could be the reason for the drastic drop in traffic. After disabling CDN the traffic recovered on its own in 2 days time.

After this episode I have been hesitant to enable CDN on my website. Can some one help me with this issue and is it safe to use cloudflare CDN without encountering a similar issue.

Regarding WP Rocket and Cloudflare combination, kindly see below:

May I ask how did you measured your traffic drop?
Maybe Cloudflare “per default” just blocked/challenged the bots which generate some pageviews, etc.

I noticed the traffic drop in analytics. The very next day there was a drop in traffic. No other changes were made on the website.

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