Traffic drop

So I have recently added my domain to cloudflare, I picked the pro plan as I saw it fits my criteria,
in the begining it was ok , today I was checking google analytics, I sent a newsletter to my website followers,the traffic went from around 200 to 400 , that what normally happens, and it keeps increasing until it reaches 700 people online or so, I never had a problem around it as my vps can handle way more,but today, suddenly it went from 400 to 120 , I was shocked , as the only changes I made this days is adding cloudflare I started to question it , anyone has any idea ?

I found out the website isn’t working in the US…
most my traffic is US

all my US traffic is lost, tested it myself and had a friend who lives in the US test it and it is not working.
and this is the second time it happened today

Hi @marrounyalidev

Can you please provide a little more information if you want us to be able to offer any suggestions?

It’s totally the way I explained, I never had this problem before , and this is the second time it happened today, basically, all my online US users suddenly disappear from google analytics in a matter of a few seconds, it is back to normal now , but it will surely happen again, and it happens only to the US visitors.

What about the information asked for in the post I linked to? The domain name and error message or issue found by the person you got to test it would be a good start.

There was no response from the server , for the domain name , I’d like not share it in a forum .
I have contacted the support and still waiting a reply :frowning:
btw, is there a limit of traffic for the pro plan ? did I miss something about that ?

Do you have a screenshot of whatever visitors saw when trying to load your site?

No there is no overall traffic limit, unless you are serving a large portion of non-HTML content and breaching the terms.

No , I don’t have a screen,
I am indeed serving many pictures, but the pictures are linked from another server

Allright , no need to reply, am dropping cloudflare , the support didn’t even reply …

How long did you give them? They respond in order of plan level and are hugely busy at the moment, as well as having to work differently to usual given the current global situation.

As for the issue, maybe someone else has an idea, but I’m really not sure what I can add from the information provided.

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It has been 1 hour, and the problem happened again, the moment I removed cloudflare dns the traffic spiked , so yeah, the problem is 1000% caused by some of their US servers , or maybe am hitting a limit or something, anyways, thank you very much , you were the only one who tried to help me , I really appreciate it.

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