Traffic down

Last 15 days my site is traffic down suddenly globally.

The Ezoic IP address perfect match with Cloudflare.

Traffic down is on the root domain.

Ezoic says please contact the Cloudflare they will solve this issue .

Please solve this issue.

Ezoic currently useing below IP address.

You mean the site stopped working 15 days ago?

What site?

Site working.

But site traffic is down for 15 days.

I contacted Ezoic they say contact to Cloudflare they solve this.

The below IP records were not found in Cloudflare but found in Ezoic.

Ezoic says the domain example [dot] com does not work well.

You mean the number of visitors to your site?

What does that have to do with Cloudflare? Did you ever stop to consider that this is simple a natural thing, that sometimes more people will visit your site than others?

OK. I understand

The Ezoic says the root domain “example[dot]com” does not properly open.

It shows the 520 error code.

Look at

OK. Thank you

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