Traffic discarded when proxied is enabled


I am trying to check if WAF is enabled, not really sure how to verify this and also if is set globally or per domain?

When enabled proxied option for *.dev domain seems like the traffic is not being properly redirected or something because all the services in this environment went down, is there a way to troubleshoot this and check what is actually happen with the traffic when proxied is enable for some specific subdomain, in this case *.dev ?

What errors are you receiving when the record is proxied?

Proxying is a per-record feature and is represented by an orange cloud for proxied and a grey cloud for DNS only when editing a record.

If you’re proxying * then you will need Advanced Certificate Manager since the default universal SSL certificate won’t cover two subdomains deep.

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Hi, could not got any errors, actually I just proxied *.dev and orange cloud showed as you mentioned, few seconds after that I got all the services running in that environment down, so I believed it was related and the un-proxied the *.dev and then everything went back to normal.

for initial testing purposes, just want to proxy .dev, which I believe is a subdomain of our domain (unique domain we have in Cloudfare) so domain is “” and want to be proxied "", so I think I need the Advanced Certificate Manager you refer to, but no really sure how this works.

The Universal SSL certificate you get by default covers * and would be covered but would not - in order to get a certificate for * then you’ll need Advanced Certificate Manager.

Take a look at Subdomain too deep

Thanks, do you think this is the root of the issue we got and once we got the Advanced Certificate Manager everything should work or we would need something else?

thanks again!

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