Traffic Dip After DNS Changes To Cloudflare

Hello Guys,

I’m using free Cloudflare with dedicated SSL Plan. As soon I changed my Cloudflare DNS, blog traffic dipped almost 50%. Could you please tell me the reason. I’ve checked over the internet and yes, many folks have these sorts of experience.

Possibly bots which are now blocked by Cloudflare.

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Bot or Seo penalty due to bad neighbors?

Not sure what you mean. My point was that you might have less visitors because (more) automated robots are blocked now.

Many websites share same IP with Cloudflare. What if websites on my IP are spammed and facing google penalty. I’ve read lots of article about this theory. Just to confirm, I think this is the best place.

Check this article.

The IP address has no relevance here. Sharing an address is common.

JohnMu @ Google had some thoughts on that article:

You don’t say how you are measuring traffic, but Cloudflare provides caching which would never hit an origin and DoS mitigation, IP reputation filtering and other services to block / discourage ‘bad’ traffic.

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