Traffic counter is not working

I’m unsure on why my dashboard traffic count is showing zero? I know I’m getting traffic can anyone help? I’m very new to this and not technical at all!

Hey there @mkhs

Checking on your DNS records for your domain - it appears the proxy status is DNS only, where Cloudflare is acting as a DNS resolver. To have analytics, or any other Cloudflare features configured in your Cloudflare dashboard - you will need to actively proxy (Orange Cloud) these DNS records.

You can view more on this within this documentation: Proxy status · Cloudflare DNS docs

I can’t do that as my website then does not work?

Could you please provide a screenshot of the error that you see when the proxy is enabled - we can then assist from there.

Check your SSL/TLS settings are set to Full (strict) here…

Thanks for providing the screenshot - upon checking your domain, I can see that your SSL/TLS mode is set to flexible and there looks to be a re-direction loop. You may wish to set this to SSL/TLS mode Full or Full(Strict) - as I can’t see from in your account that this has changed.

Please also have a read through this guide here to rectify the issue: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

Thank you, it’s no longer providing an error message, I’ll have to wait and see if the visitor count is working.

Thank you !

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