Traffic by domain

Hello everyone, everything good?
I have several domains set up here on Cloudflare.
How can I check the total visits traffic each domain has received per period?

Thank you!

The analytics section of the Cloudflare Dashboard will show you traffic for that domain for the last day, week, or month.

Comparing google analytics traffic with Cloudflare requests, there is a big difference. What could be going wrong with Cloudflare analytics?

Hi @suporte18, lots of conversation about this here,

And really good thread with links here, Cloudflare analytics data is right or vulnerable.

Net net, from one of the posts “Google Analytics is a tracking script. Depending on your userbase, it may be very likely that users have adblock/ublock origin installed, preventing the tracking script from reporting the page view to Google. CF analytics is server-based, meaning no matter what a user visit will be tracked in the dashboard.”

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