Traffic analytics is empty when filter on host pointing back to zone origin domain

Hi, am encountering a strange behaviour which I suspect is related to DNS setup.

We have a zone setup with a CNAME record for www pointing back to the origin zone - see attached screencap.

Both A and CNAME records are set to “Proxied”

In Traffic Analytics if I set a host filter for “www” I get zero traffic. All other hosts, with cnames that do not point back to origin, register traffic.

When looking at Analytics www is never listed amongst the Top x Hosts - it may not receive as much traffic as other sites but it should certainly be in the Top 15.

Traffic is definitely reaching Cloudflare evidenced through the fact that zone level WAF rules affect www

Two other symptoms are

  • when used in the url for a trace test it returns an error, strangely “hostname does not belong to account”, traces to other hosts work fine
  • when used as a hostname filter in Rate Limiting filter it does not seem to be triggering, rate limits for other hosts do trigger, probably because they are not pointing back to origin

I suspect this is a consequence of pointing the CNAME back to the origin but don’t know if this is expected due to DNS setup or whether its actually a CF issue that shouldn’t be happening.

Can anyone shed some light on this and/or maybe educate me on how things should be setup.

Thanks !

Can anyone help here pls ?