Traffic Alerting

Hello, is it possible to setup a notification on traffic utilization in Cloud Flare? Say for example ‘if inbound traffic > 1TB’ send alert. ’


Currently no.

Is there any reason you want to do so? Are you having an Enterprise subscription agreement that states the traffic utilization allowed per month?

Hi, yes thats correct. Currently ‘CDN - Total Data Transfer’ is at 3TB and we need to keep an eye on this.

Assume that this is part of your Enterprise subscription, your Customer Success Manager might be able to do something for you. Try contacting your CSM and see what are the options he/she can provide.

If you are sending your HTTP logs to some SIEM endpoint e.g. Splunk, Elastic, Google Data Studio via Logpush or Logpull, your SIEM might have alerting capability that can calculate the total bytes transferred for the particular month, and send the alert to you via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Hi, yes accessing this data via our logging system was going to be my plan B. Thank you for the clarification !

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