Trademark infringement

We are Cloudflare customer, we have the website protected by Cloudflare.
I find clone website which has copied all of our products, logo, images hosted and protected by Cloudflare. I made many tradermark infringement complaint to Cloudflare but I never got any response.
Our website is

The clone and fake website is:
This website is taking customers money by credit card without sending any orders.
The fake website has a high social ads activitity on facebook promoting the cloned website.

I thought with Cloudflare we will be protected against bad actors.

That other domain isn’t using Cloudflare, nor does it seem to resolve.

That site has nothing to do with Cloudflare, so there’s no reason to report them to Cloudflare’s Trust and Safety. You’ll have to report them to their own host.

How should Cloudflare stop people you don’t trust from viewing your site, and then copying it?

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The domain has been suspended. This is ongoing operation. The new domain which is infringing our tradermark is The query on this website is resolve in cloudflare.
This is the 15th website which has been reported to cloudflare.

We are amazed that there is such a ignorance over the hosting and tunneling phishing websites like the ones I keep on reporting. You wouldn’t throw so easy on the judgements if you would spend the last 3-4 weeks looking on ways how to take down phishing websites.

Some proof will speak on itself

Another proof.

Even if I wouldn’t be a Cloudflare customer, these phishing websites shouldn’t be resolved through cloudflare. Even so, after reporting should be taken out of cloudflare, or point to the real hosting.

I’m sorry this is happening to you, as it’s an uphill battle.

The site you referenced is not the same you posted later, so my comments still stand, in regards to your initial post.

Go on ahead and report any site that’s proxied by Cloudflare.

As a customer, you probably already know the site isn’t hosted here. Just proxied. Nevertheless, they’re in violation of ToS if they’re infringing upon your trademark.

As I look through the HTML on the marebsale site, it references a handful of URLs that look to be hosted by Alibaba cloud.

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Make no mistake. I like services offered by Cloudflare. I don’t want to quit cloudflare service. I feel secure and know that the rules implemented offer real protection.
These phishing websites are a nightmare for us, stealing our customers, cheating customers, no response in abuse and we don’t understand why is cloudflare in it.
Would a costly plan make cloudflare listen carefully ?

No. The legal department isn’t swayed by how much money you spend here. It’s first come, first served, when it comes to abuse complaints. And I’m sure there are a ton of legal complaints in their queue for them to sift through.

The only way to escalate is to get legal representation, and go through a legal process to get more of a response.

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I know it is hosted by Alibaba cloud. It’s another battle there. Many battles looking for one victory. Big words in a nasty world. I would never thought I can learn so much in so little time, looking over to shutdown phishing websites. A crazy world. That’s what I don’t understand with Cloudflare that is covering for the bad actors.

That’s a conversation that’s as old as Cloudflare itself.

On the time I have made the case, the first domain was proxied through Cloudflare. It has been reported. Along the way I have been reported to Cloudflare so far about 15 websites which finally have been taken down, but NOT with the cooperation of Cloudflare.
It sound crazy but I find that chinese companies are more on taking the trademark abuse complaints seriously. Fact checked by me. I never thought that 3 weeks ago. This is what puzzles me.

It seems is getting like a rotten apple. We live in a world of mimetism. Everybody is hiding. I am hiding. They are hiding. Just like kids, but we are grown-ups. If you are bad, you should be exposed.

I thought a solution is when an answer is well accepted by community and the initiator. I haven’t got an answer why Cloudflare isn’t really in a good policy to stop phishing websites.
Probably after a lot of days, in which a lot of harm will be done, a cloudflare agent will decide to uncover the scammer.

Answer received from Alibaba which involve Cloudflare and it shows the man-in-the-middle of Cloudflare, for the domain
How can I make Cloudflare to send an e-mail to infosec at ?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your information! However, after our analysis, the violation facts of the reported party cannot be established.You can get in touch with Cloudflare, then suggest Cloudflare to send email to infosec at, so that your problem can be better solved. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Alibaba Cloud

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It looks like the evidence is clear that you are the service provider for !!!

I will keep posting here all my progress I make to crack the protection offered by Cloudflare to
Reasons for to be stopped in the order of importance:

  • phishing
  • financial crime
  • fake order
  • trademark infringement
  • stealing copyright images,
  • fake products
  • false advertising of social media
  • violation of Cloudflare TOS

Still no answer from abuse report to Cloudflare regarding the domain

The website is up and running protected very well by Cloudflare.
It is hosted by: Cloudflare, Inc.
Organization name: Cloudflare, Inc.
IP address:
AS(autonomous system) number and organization: AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.
Reverse DNS of the IP:
City: Toronto
Country: Canada

Please do not set a Solution when you don’t have it. It looks like everybody is covering all this mess.

A solution is when things are done, at least in my own world.

If you believe a site is violating Cloudflare’s terms of service it can be reported here:

I am marking this issue as resolved because the community forum can not help you and is not the place to adjudicate such claims.

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