Trademark infringement allegation

Hi. I’ve had a web site selling reproduction furniture for 17 years. Recently my host received an alleged trademark infringement email. My host panicked and turned off our site. I’ve since moved host. My concern is this will happen again which is why I’m looking to see if CloudFlare is possibly the solution to hide my hosting information.

I’m also wondering what CloudFlare will do if they are approached claiming we are infringing trademark with some of our site’s content.

We have taken legal advice in the past and it is not a clear case of trademark infringement.

In a nutshell I need to know if CloudFlare will firstly protect the identity of our host and secondly what CloudFlare would do if they were accused of assisting my site.


Mark Holdsworth

Cloudflare is a proxy so yes it can hide the hoster however they will not ignore abuse/copyright complaints. They will pass those to the hoster or if needed take action their side.

Read the abuse page for more info: Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare

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