Tracking voting counts

We are one of several location with thousands of people voting on a page on a vendor site for a contest. The vendor’s site has links for people to place votes for us, but we can’t see how we compare.
So we created our own domains and have a Google Analytic script and a header redirect to the vendor page so we can capture the traffic going to the voting page to our specific voting link there.
The server where the page is hosted gives us a page click count.
Cloudflare gives us visitors and requests.
GA gives us visitors and sessions.
What is the most accurate figure, and from whom, to use to estimate the number of people that voted on the site we are re-directing to???

Assuming that domain is used ONLY for tracking the clicks, Cloudflare will be more accurate since it’s the raw requests to the server. Google Analytics may not trigger due to privacy extensions, ad blockers, or network-level DNS black holes.