Tracking subdomain?

I’m trying to use and it’s telling me to use a tracking subdomain (

I’m just finding some of the wording in their guide a bit confusing. It’s just asking me to set up a subdomain, right? So a CNAME record pointing from that subdomain to my main URL?


Yes, it seems to just be a CNAME. From the article you linked to it seems to be so they can be thrown away and another CNAME used if the links start to get marked as spam, something that you couldn’t do if you used your real site subdomain in the tracking link.

Perfect, thanks for the reply. Noticed I made a mistake too, should be subdomain => their domain, right?

Assume I still want to proxy it so I sit behind cloudflare’s ddos protection?

If the provider needs to validate you have set the CNAME, then it will need to be “DNS only” instead of proxied. Once validated you may be able to switch back to “Proxied” but you’ll need to see if that works by just trying it.

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Amazing, you just saved me an annoyed email from the guy dealing with marketing in the morning. Thanks!

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