Tracking scripts Matomo & others

Anyone have a problem tracking visitor using applications like Matomo where you can a script to your WP header? I’ve set up the aplication and added 6 sites that are housed on the same server but only one is tracking - sending data

is the something I should be doing in CF? cleared the cache etc even tried another application but same problem.

Did you installed it via Cloudflare app ? (from inside your CF panel)

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I have Matomo installed in a subdomain with no special page rules. My Wordpress has the code in the footer, not the header, if that matters. It is working as expected.

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No it’s a standalone app.

That what I can’t understand, it’s working on one site of of the six I’ve added.

Use your browser’s Dev Tools for the Network tab and see if your site is trying to load the Matomo calls.

According to documentation using the CF app is the easiest form of installation (of course it is about configurations and you should have on premise or cloud version)

The script shows up in the source code, has the right site IDs.

I can only afford the on premise version. I used this for many year but not in the last 2 years.

You can use the app for a on premise version. It just help in configurations for websites behind CF.

Using the app confuses me, I have 8 sites I want to track when & where people leave each site mostly. So would I need to install the app on each site? that seems over kill as I’ve already installed it on my dedicated server.

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Ok so I’ve installed the app behind CF on two sites, one that was working and one that wasn’t. I hope to see both now sending tracking back to my server. I’ll let you know.


Well that doesn’t seem to have made any difference at all.

Did you try @sdayman debugging suggestion:

Use your browser’s Dev Tools for the Network tab and see if your site is trying to load the Matomo calls.

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Can’t tell calls but then I don’t really know what I’m looking at. Odd thing is one of the other sites has now start showing traffic. I’m now beginning to think even my database is running so slow it’s just taking hours to parse the data into the tables. I’ll take another look after a sleep.


If you post a URL, I can take a screenshot of what to look for in Dev Tools.

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I am not seeing that looks like Matomo tracking code anywhere in your sites. There should also be a call to the domain or subdomain your Matomo installation is in. It should make a call to matomo.js and/or matomo.php

Hi, again. well the CF doesn’t seem to work. The site that was sending when I switched to CF yesterday now today I don’t get stats. Checking the source of those two sites the code is in the page but it’s not polling for some reason. I think I’m going to go back to the start by removing everything then disconnect a site from CF add the code to the header try to get that working then turn CF back.

Ok, so I found the problem and I’m only replying in case others hit the same problem. As so often the case it was a loose nut on the keyboard.

The polling of the tracking script was being blocked because my stats site did not have SSL. I’m assuming that some sites where NOT blocking it because those sites didn’t have the force ssl option enabled. (remember I was trying to track 6 site & only 2 tracked).

Once I had enrolled my stats site into CF all seems well.

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