Tracking issues - maybe because of lazyload

Hi Cloudflare community,
We have an issue with the rocket lazy loader. (we think that is the reason)
It does so that we do not track certain events for our tracking in for example Facebook.
My developer says:
Then, for Facebook, this is a bit of a weird one.
From back when I started working with you, the product on the page has been on the page in the platform.product object and we have used that to say if a page is a category page or a product detail page. Unfortunately, at the moment, it seems that Cloudflare’s lazy loader is pushing the loading of the product information to after onload (see screenshot for the stacktrace).
The file that loads the product is loaded at the end of the page:
<script src= type=“9f734d469317a60d72069a9b-text/javascript”></script
So in theory, we could tell Rocket Lazy Loader to ignore this but I assume that JS has depencies on other things. I.e. the Rocket Lazy Load is an either/or thing. C

Have anybody else faced this issue?