Tracert from hong kong gets routed to singapore?

I Set up Cloudflare for the Hong Kong CDN (where our application is hosted). Response times seem longer with Cloudflare 900ms vs 600ms ( i know this is okay for the first 4 - 6 hours) but a tracert is showing it bypassing hong kong and onward to Singapore.

Below is the trace removing the first two. It should have stopped at 8 in Cloudflare hong kong service, but it continued to Singapore, any reasons why?

 2     4 ms     3 ms     2 ms []
  3     4 ms     3 ms     3 ms
  4     4 ms     4 ms     3 ms []
  5     3 ms     5 ms     5 ms []
  6    11 ms    10 ms     9 ms []
  7    18 ms    20 ms    20 ms
  8    20 ms    20 ms    20 ms []
  9    41 ms    41 ms    41 ms []
 10    55 ms    56 ms    53 ms []
 11    54 ms    56 ms    55 ms []
 12    42 ms    40 ms    40 ms []
 13    42 ms    41 ms    41 ms

It’s most likely plan dependent. On low tier plans (free in particular) they will drop some sites on some high traffic locations for some amounts of time to not disrupt paying (or higher paying) customers. That’s to be expected. It will resolve itself in a while or not depending on the network conditions at HK.

matteo, that is positive news, atleast i know its not broken… on the other hand its a bit sad, as i imagine the free plan is also for non development users to test Cloudflare cdn. I plan to retest this over the next few days.

i also searched for documentation to check if this was the case but nothing can be found if indeed low tier plans will drop some locations…

i imagine Singapore be higher traffic than hong kong. Thanks for your help.

Yeah, but there is no SLA for Free and Pro accounts. Also this can be due to ISP peering policies (I for example don’t always go to the closest datacenter myself).

It is relative load: if one location has 100Gbps and uses 95 it’s at an higher load than one with 10Gbps using 1.

It sems to me that only the final destination is maintained by Cloudflare, all other hops are internet hubs (phone, cable companies etc). So if your ISP routes their traffic via Singapore, the best CDN available would be the one in Singapore. (You can test using

From my home in Brazil, the phone company that provides me internet service routes traffic via Spain, and from Spain, then back to the US (don’t ask me why :), where requests to my websites are most often served by EWR, IAD, MIA, all US locations, instead of GRU or RIO, their locations in Brazil.

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That is a nice utility, i ran it on my subdomain which is routed via cf, and here are the results, i am not sure how parse this information?

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.80 Safari/537.36

tracert still shows final destination is in Singapore. As a test for kicks, i singed up with NETLIFY, i pinged the sample domain and it was 2ms , tracert shows Hong Kong! pretty amazing…

With Cloudflare i am getting 200ms (sad face) will keep trying.


The colo=FRA line says your request was served out of FRA (Frankfurt, Germany). Why would CF fetch your response from a CDN so far away from HK and SG, I don’t know, but it may have to do with the ISP peering policies @matteo referred to. You can try to run that same utility with 4G to see which datacenter will respond.

Also, you may want to run online tests such as GTMetrix for your website. On a GTMetrix report, in any page’s waterfall chart, when you click on the first asset (the html), you will see from which datacenter CF is serving their cached assets, identified by the three last letters under header cf-ray. This way you will have a better notion of what users in general are getting, without the ISP peering bias.

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