Traccar Port 5055, not working with Clouflare Tunnel

Hello guys!

So I have an Ubuntu 20.04 LXC container, running at Proxmox Platform. I installed the and it was fine. No errors.

Traccar is the leading GPS tracking software. Vehicle and personal tracking. Self hosting and cloud-based solution. Real time view, reports, notifications.

But Cloudflare Tunnel responded 502 Bad Gateway Error.

Screenshot Error:

Here’s my configuration:

Traccar Client Logs on Android:

The localhost is working fine. Is it me that has errors or it’s Cloudflare Tunnel?

Thank you.

Looks like cloudflared was unable to talk to port 5055, can you confirm whether curling that IP:port returns anything in that machine?

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I reinstalled Traccar, and it worked fine. I can now track my phone using my domain exposed by Cloudflare Tunnel.

Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

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