Totally confused with setup

Ok, so, I think I have Cloudflare setup ok, green lights, etc, the cdn seams to be serving my file,s but my site speed has decreased! its actually slower using Cloudflare than without.

Also, im a bit confused as of what dns setting to use, ie the name records, Im using godaddy as a host, and added Cloudflares nameservers to godaddy.

This is what I have setup:

Site is up, and using the ssl. I have also made sure the wprocket plugin is setup and using Cloudflare.


That “A” record for Mail might not work or be necessary. :orange: is only a web proxy, so it won’t work for sending, receiving, or checking mail. (SMTP, IMAP, POP).

As for performance, if I test, it’s not dragging. The first redirects if someone just types in do slow things down. What slowdowns were you noticing? A global test came out pretty good:

Not a drag really, site is pretty quick, god knows, I have been tweaking it since I can remember, I did a test before moving to Cloudflare on gmetrix and it was scoring on average 2.5 secs. After switching 3 secs, I was honestly expecting it to go even lower than 2.5, with the cdn etc.

Also, I did a dns speed test, using godaddy it was an average 40+ msecs, culminating in a 1st byte time of 400-500 msecs, since switching, average dns time is 4 msecs, yet page load times do not reflect this, and have increased.

My cheat for speeding up a homepage is to add a Page Rule to match * (just the home page) and set Cache Level to “Cache Everything” and Edge TTL to…it depends on how often the front page changes. A couple of hours, to a month. This really speeds up initial load time.

But keep in mind some home pages just shouldn’t be cached if it’s dynamically generated per user, but your site looks like a good candidate.

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Thanks for all the help! That has deffo sped things up! you are a star!


Oops, one more question, sorry. What happens if I make a change? will flushing the cache work, or will people who have already been on the site, still see the cached version?

I use the Cloudflare Cache page and Purge the cache. Using “Custom Purge” will let you just purge the home page:

For sites where content changes on a regular basis, I lower the Edge TTL to 12 hours; sometimes even as low as 2 hours. So within that many hours, the visitors will see the update.

Remember that browser cache setting also matters. Honestly, I don’t know the rule of thumb to make browser cache longer, or shorter than Edge Cache TTL. I guess it depends on the situation.

Ok, this was alarming…my homepage was logged into wordpress EVERYWHERE…had to turn the page rule off, and clear caches, for it to be logged out…what happened?

As I said, “some home pages just shouldn’t be cached if it’s dynamically generated per user.” Wordpress dynamically generates pages for logged in users.

You saw the cached version of the home page as viewed by the admin user. The good news is without the proper cookie set, a visitor doesn’t get admin access. It just doesn’t look good.

My workaround is to not visit the site as a logged in user. I check the site from a second browser in private mode so it’s standard view.

OK, so I guess until I finish editing etc, I cant use the page rule…


Good afternoon, how are you?

I am completely lazy on this subject and would like to change the DNS, put here with Cloudflare to point to my hosting. I use a hosting outside of my country so I would like to do this to see if it improves the initial loading of my site?

Meu domĂ­nio :

Thanks for listening.

There’s a Getting Started section in the Help Center. The trickiest part is setting the DNS servers at where you bought your domain name.

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