Total Validity of Free SSL certificate?

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I use free ssl in my site It’s shows me a certificate validity of one year and it’s from 5th Jan 2019 to 5th Jan 2020. But I want to know after 5th Jan 2020 what happen ? Can free ssl remove automatically ? Can I got email from cloud flare regarding before expiring or notify by me that it’s extended again till 2021. So, please explain.


The Cloudflare cert will automatically be updated, but if you have a cert on your server, that will need to be updated when it expires to use Full (strict).

Hi ! domjh,

Thanks for your reply.

I again reconfirm that you wrote on your above answer that “The Cloudflare cert will automatically be updated” means I got notified by cloud flare or not ? In other words Can cloud flare sent me a reminder mail or anything like same notification or not ?


I don’t believe that you will get a notification as there is nothing you need to do to renew the Cloudflare certificate.

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