Total Unique Visitors, 24hours

I’m watching my statistics from time to time and I notice it being above 230 unique visitors per hour most of the time. However the Total Unique Visitors 24hours show only an amount of approximately 1500. This in my world seems way off. Taking a calculator and saying 230x24=5520 Total Unique Visitors for a period of 24hours. Is this fixable or does it get solved sometime? Or is it me reading the statistics wrong and it’s supposed to be this way?

I believe it’s unique over the entire 24 hours there. If a user visits the site at 3 pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm, they will only show as 1 unique in the 24 hour visitor counter, but they will count as 1 on each of the per-hour statistics.

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Thanks for clarifying. I have attached an image for you to illustrate what I mean: I hope it makes sense for you.