Total TLS Purchased but Level 2 Sudomains are not covered with SSL still

I wanna redirect all my subdomains to the root domain using Cloudflare But SSL is causing the probelm. Tier 1 Subdomains (like sub1.example.tld) are covered in Universal SSL and for Tier 2 subdomains (like www.sub2.example.tld) I purchased Total TLS 10 USD per month plan. Still, Tier 2 Subdomain are showing an error while loading with SSL.

What can be the solution?

DNS Record


This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

Please do check and help me to resolve the issue.

Hi @k11005993

You can’t use the wildcard as this is seen as a subdomain www.*.

You will need to create eacg subdomain you want to have covered by Total TLS.


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