Total request is too high

Why total request is too high for my site in Cloudflare.

If you have google analytics then check it

what should I check? My traffic is decreasing and request is increasing

What’s the source of the traffic and from which country are you getting it

we are getting traffic from USA and India but this request is just like a DDOS attack.

214 thousand requests every 24 hours may be more than your server can handle, but it can hardly be considered a DDoS attack.

What do the 7 and 30 day graphs look like - could you send a screenshot? Are these “spikes” in total requests a recurring thing?

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Please check 30 days data. We have also disabled AMP on our site and after that request has decreased but suddenly it increases.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what the issue is. The amount of traffic (requests) your site gets will naturally vary over time.

currently, we are using hosting business hosting. so according to to you should we change our hosting?

You should probably check what caused traffic spike in Google analytics during that time frame based on that check page they are visiting, did you publish some articles. Check cloudflare firewall switch to I am under attack mode to see changes in traffic

You should try raising the security level (security level is also configurable via Cloudflare Page Rules.) To understand what the different settings are, please visit

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