Total Noob have some Questions

Hello Guys :slight_smile:

Maybe anyone can help me…

I need Help, and yes i read the Documentation about Cloudflare, but i dont figure it out how its correctly work…

I have a Domain from Namecheap.

I found a nice Wordpress Page Builder > ColibriWP
After that i found LocalWP.

So, i created on my Local Machine with LocalWP and ColibriWP a Landing Page without any complex Forms (just 2 single pages with images/Social Media Links/FAQ and so).

Can i publish my Local Landing Pages from Wordpress directly on Cloudflare?

Or do i need first a Hoster and then i can use CDN with Cloudflare Workers/Pages?

Or must i convert the Landing Page from Wordpress to a Static Page and then uploading via Github for using Cloudflare Workers/Page?

If i need a hoster: Whats with the Traffic/visitors Limits from the Hoster? If i understand Cloudflare CDN correctly then my Hoster have ZERO Traffic/Hits/Visitors? Is that correct?

What happens after a Website hits the 100k Request Limit with the free Plan? Request = 1 Hit?

Thank you :))


Thank you for asking.

If you plan to host your WordPress website on your local machine/computer/device, I blieve you would have to check within your device firewall settings and on your router at home if the needed HTTP(S) port(s) are open and if they are working.

Nevertheless, if so, keep in my, mostly we are all customers of our ISP provider, therefore the IP address which we are provided with changes due to the DHCP every 24 hours or so.
Meaning, you could have an issue as website might work today, but not tomorrow as your DNS record at Cloudflare would point to an IP address which is not relevant anymore.

I would rather suggest you to purchase a smaller web hosting package, enough for one WordPress website to host your WordPress website files on it and see how it goes for two-three months. If you will have larger images, more data, etc., you can always “scale-up” and change it to a better one.
You also mentioned Namecheap and that you already have got a domain registered at Namecheap.
Namecheap also offers web hosting services and has got different packages in their offer as well.

In terms of a WordPress to static webpage, I would not recommend doing it.
Either try out and stick to the WordPress, otherwise you could end up having a “headache” of all of the available technologies and frameworks :smiley:

I am not saying it’s bad to not to try out, but … as we say, first things first, one step at a time. There is always time and place to grow :wink:

In terms of the Hits/Visitors per month, I really do not understand their logic behind it and cannot tell you some “smart move” about it. Maybe that’s their measurement for something else, or, I really, cannot figure out the meaning - probably marketing? :smiley:

Or else, they might show some “suspension notice” or warning to scale-up and go for a higher web hosting plan due to hitting the cap/limit for the current one.

Hi, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I dont think its a good idea to host it on my Computer itself, i was thinking i can upload directly to Cloudflare from my PC without running it 24/7 :smiley:

I mean, the Site is then Fully Cached on Cloudflare CDN, for what i need then a Running Machine or a Hoster for a Static Site?

Or do i missunderstand something?

And the other Question about the Limit/Visitors from many Hosters: When i use Cloudflare, get the Host then Traffic/Hits wirh Cloudflare CDN? This was not so clear in your answer :slight_smile:

And another question: I found in my Local Wordpress the Cloudflare Plugin, with that, my Content get Cached without 24/7 running my Pc?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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