Total newbie question - Page Rules / Redirecting

I have a question about this statement on the page rule page:

If the URL matches: By using the asterisk () character, you can create dynamic patterns that can match many URLs, rather than just one. All URLs are case insensitive.*

So, I thought that meant that I could make a rule like this (forgive me for using commas instead of periods, the system said I couldn’t put in more than 2 links!):


using Forwarding URL & 301 Permanent Redirect >>>>

And then if I typed in
it would automatically forward me to

But it doesn’t seem to work like that. Is there any rule I can create that will enable something like that?

Sorry, this is probably a really easy question, but I can’t figure it out.
Thanks for the help.

Post a screenshot of your page rule. You most likely missed the replacing variable.

You essentially need to implement Redirect to

Thanks for your help - appreciate it.

Here’s a screenshot…

I don’t know if that is the real issue. The problem I’m having is that unless I type in the full url - including the https://www part, it won’t take me to the page. Like yesterday I made a secret entrance to our membership for a special event I did. But if I just type in it takes me back to our home page. But if I type in it will go to the actual page.

Any thoughts on why that is happening?

Here are a couple other screenshots that might be helpful.

Yes, you are missing the variable. The tutorial I posted has the right step-by-step instructions to fix that.

Also which are the first three page rules?

Hey @jeddorseyart perfect timing tune in today for a special on page rules! YTCC - Thursday

Awesome, thank you for your help Sandro!

I didn’t realize that was an article when you first sent it. I did what it said, and it seems to have worked!

Thanks again! :grinning:

Thanks, I think I got it figured out!

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