Total Functions & Workers requests today increasing


I’m new to Pages.
I have created empty NextJs SSR (Server-Side Rending) application and deployed it to Pages thru Github to try out this product.
I noticed that my functions & workers requests are increasing and i dont understand even why.
I dont have any workers, about Functions im not sure even what is it.
Will it increase each time someone visit my site which deployed to Pages? or each time i release a new version to Github and its being deploying to Pages automatically?

Help and explanation is very needed here.


Functions are Workers but integrated with Pages - using server-side rendering means you are using Functions, as they are the ‘server’ in this scenario.

It’ll increase when you get a request to URL that runs a Function.

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Thank you very much for clarifying this.

I’m using in the build command:
“npx @cloudflare/next-on-pages --experimental-minify”.

How could i know if on every page request this will increase… what senerio this increasing happens. Could you give me some more details…

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