Total crash?


I am new, I have followed step by step instructions, and I get a cnflict with the cloudflare info and clouflare in cpanel, they have different name servers showing ? So i went to the registrar of the domain, pointed the servers at xxx and then yyy and the resut was a total crash and the website couldnt even be found ??
Ok, so I deleted the domain off cloudflare and started again from square one, same result, crashed out.
Frustrated and finding it hard to even bother, tried many times and nothing seems to resolve this happening.


I take it you ended up with two different accounts for the same domain, one directly through Cloudflare and one through cPanel.

My recommendation would be set it up with the nameservers shown directly in Cloudflare. You should then, in cPanel, be able to sign in with the same account to the Cloudflare plugin and you will have the same account and nameservers shown in both places.


sorry I dont see the relevance of that, it shouldnt matter.


Don’t see the relevance of what? My answer or @sandro’s?


On the first attempt I got an error in cpanel saying the domain existed in another account ?? no idea why, as I have never had one.


Like I said, I would set it up directly in Cloudflare and then sign in to that account on cPanel. It should also avoid that issue.


sorry dont agree, the name is irrelevant to the result, whether it be abc,com or doesnt change the result does it. please dont persist in disagreement.


Have you actually tried what I have suggested?

The domain is generally relevant as we can then do lookups on things like nameservers so we can check the configuration. If you don’t want to share it, it limits the amount of help we can give.


No not as yet as I am reluctant to take the website offline yet again.

I have taken notes on your suggestion, thanks. I am looking for possible answers as I just cant get passed this duplication issue, I thought cloudflare didnt effect the website, no down time etc, but it crashes it almost immediately


I am afraid that without trying that, there is not a lot else I can suggest.

If it is all configured correctly and the nameservers are changed to those provided by Cloudflare and allowed to propagate, there should be no downtime. Changing nameservers repeatedly back and forth can sometimes cause issues.


Ok, I understand, that “propogate” and “active” appears in minutes, comformation email etc, all good. Then in cpanle try to make the connection and it all goes pear shaped. Where is is this “other account” coming from ? this seems to be the source of the conflict, can you give any pointers where to look for that please ? On the host ? other domains on the host ?


You don’t actually need to connect your domain to the Cloudflare app in cPanel. It doesn’t have many benefits over going directly through Cloudflare. First you should get everything working without the Cloudflare app in cPanel, just set it up directly through CF. Once everything is working there, in cPanel, you should be able to add the same Cloudflare account without changing to different Cloudflare nameservers


Thats Great ! thanks domjh, thats what I needed, it was that aspect that made the wheels come off, so if you are saying it isnt really needed and it will all work fine just set up in cloudflare.
I can just forget the cpanel aspect and I’m good to go.
Please confirm I have understood you correctly. Thanks


Yes you have, there is no need to set it up through cPanel. You can just set it up straight through Cloudflare.


Thanks for staying with me through this exchange, and your patience and guidance is very much appreciated.

All the best.


Ok, back to square one, added the domain, cloudfare did its thing and I have 15 orange warnings that are suggesting to click to change to orange cloud, is it it possible any of these can cause an issue as I dont want to keep going through this hassle ?


If you can post a screenshot, we can have a look at what should be set to :orange:

If not, you can have a look at this help guide:


I have 8 = A and 2 = cname 1= MX


We would need to see screenshots of the content of the records to establish what should be set to :orange:, sorry.


Ok, no problem, I have added the domain, based on the article (thanks for that) I have changed those that were appropriate and pointed the nameservers to cloudflare as instructed. hit the “re-check” and will wait for an email or check back in a short while.
I ahve just checked the website again after the name server change and it hasnt crashed so I am leaning toward the issues were not at cloudflare but the Cpanel aspect as u to now there is no issue at all, by leaving cpanel out of the equation, thanks to your advice earlier.