TOS violation

im receive right now TOS violation , done upgrade plan to stream 10$/mo and problem still having videos stop

You would only be getting a ToS violation if you are serving videos or other non-html content through Cloudflare. You need to change your setup to use either stream, R2 or another Cloudflare product to be able to serve video content through Cloudflare.

yes i have videos in my site right now how can solve this problem because all my videos not working but i upgraded my plan to stream 10$/mo and problem still

If you need a right now solution, you need to disable Cloudflare on the domain. The long term solution is moving videos to a ToS friendly service like Cloudflare stream or R2. Make sure to look into the costs before switching.

  1. Find Stream on the left navigation bar in the Dashboard

  2. Upload your videos to Stream from the Stream Dashboard

  3. Replace your videos on your website from the current ones to the ones you uploaded to Stream


i can’t do this solution because i have lot of videos +500 video

i have remove domain from Cloudflare and install free ssl from other service this good or no!

Well :person_shrugging: it’s up to you whether you want to fix it or not at this point. Using Stream or R2 is the only solution.
Alternatively you can use another service/cdn to cache the videos and have the main website protected by Cloudflare.

If it works and you are happy with it… sure.

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